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Common problem

Examination of existing air compressor capacity

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1, test method -- examination of existing air compressor capacity

The timing pump gas test is a relatively easy precise examination of existing air compressor capacity or output method, this will help to judge the compressed air shortage is not due to mechanical wear or failure caused by.

Below is the timing pump gas test procedure:

A storage tank volume, cubic meters

B. The compressor tank pipeline between the volume M3

C ( A and B ) total volume, cubic meters

D compressor run with full load.

E. Close tank and plant air system between the valve

F storage tank to give up, the pressure to 0.48 Mpa ( G )

G. Soon close the bleeder valve

H storage tank pump gas to 0.69Mpa ( G ) need time, seconds

Now you have to identify the existing compressor actual volume needed data, formula is:

C = V ( P2-P1)60 / ( T ) PA

C = compressor capacity, m3/ min

V = storage tank and pipeline volume, m3( C)

P2 = ultimate carrying load pressure ( A ), Mpa ( H + PA )

P1 = initial pressure, Mpa ( A ) ( F + PA )

PA = atmospheric pressure ( A ), Mpa ( sea level is 0.1 Mpa )

T = time, s

If the test data of the calculated results with your factory air compressor rated capacity approaching, you can be sure, you plant air system load is too high, resulting in the need for an increased quantity of gas supply.

2, estimation method

V = V + V existing equipment gas processing equipment after gas leakage + V + V reserves

3, determine the required increase in compressed air

According to the system pressure is raised to the required pressure air quantity, can determine the need to increase the amount of compressed air.


The m3 / min = the existing m3 / min


Type, need m3/ min = to the compressed air supply quantity

The existing m3 / min = existing compressed air supply

P2 = require system pressure, Mpa ( A )

P1 = the existing system pressure, Mpa ( A )

Need to increase m3 / min = to m3/ min - the existing m3 / min

The results will tell you to meet the existing demand for gas to increase the number of gas. Suggest adequate volume in order not only to meet the current gas requirements, also incentive needs and leaked into consideration.

4, the influence of system air leakage

Supply deficiency is often due to leakage or is certainly due to system, air system leakage loss power of a continuous source, so it should make it a little less. Several equivalent to 1/ 4 inch holes in small leak, at a pressure of 0.69 Mpa to 2.8M3may miss the compressed air, which is equal to the loss of your a18.75Kw air compressor air, to the power of0.4 yuan per degree, running 8000 hours per year ( three class ), the omission of the air to make you have lost60000 yuan.

Most plants will provide maintenance personnel and parts to build the leakage. Broken tool. Valve, filler, joint, dropper and hose shall timely inspect and repair.

The factory the whole system leakage can be adopted in the gas pressure determination system ( in the case of gas on the upper side of the barrel ) from 0.69 Mpa ( G ) down to 0.62 Mpa ( G ) and the time required to diagnose. Using the pumping test we can work out the entire system leakage:

V ( P2-P1)60

Leakage rate

M3 / min = 90( PA )

Such as leakage green over the entire system volume five percent, must build the leakage.

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